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Let us give your feet the care they deserve!

We are dedicated to providing the latest technology in Foot and Ankle care. In today's world of high cost medicine, we believe in high quality patient service with careful consideration for affordability.

Pensacola Podiatry, Brooks Foot & Ankle

Importance of Foot Health


The human foot has been called the “mirror of health.” Doctors of podiatric medicine are often the first doctors to see signs of such systemic conditions as diabetes, arthritis, and circulatory disease in the foot. Among these signs are dry skin, brittle nails, burning and tingling sensations, feelings of cold, numbness, and discoloration. Always seek professional care when these signs appear.

Pensacola Podiatry, Brooks Foot & Ankle

MLS Laser Therapy - to reduce pain and inflammation 


  • Non-Surgical


  • FDA Cleared


  • Fast, safe and effective


  • Treats Acute or Chronic Pain


  • Improve healing times


Pensacola Podiatry, Brooks Foot & Ankle

Laser treatment for toenail fungus


  • Proven clinical results


  • Painless without anesthesia


  • No harmful UV radiation


  • Quick and safe


  • No drugs or side effects

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